FabLab Nerve Centre

Location: Derry~Londonderry

FabLab (Fabrication Laboratory) began in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) a decade ago as a place where students could test the very latest technologies and create practical uses for them in everyday life. From there they have grown into a network of over 400 FabLab’s in every corner of the world – all connected and all bringing technology into the hands of ordinary users.

Initially funded by the EU Peace Programme, the FabLab based in Nerve Centre is a place where anyone can come in and use a range of equipment including 3D Printers, Laser Cutters and Milling Machines to make practically anything. Whether it is a group of students looking to create a new bike shed for their school, an inventor needing to 3D Print components to develop a proof of concept, or an artist looking to expand their artistic practise the FabLab is there to provide support and guidance.

Jim Ricks


Jim Ricks