Delia Milan

Delia Milan


Delia Milan has worked in FabLabs and digital fabrication since being part of the original team of the Fab Lab Nerve Centre in 2012. She has since established a new FabLab in Cuenca, Spain.

Delia has returned this year to be the artist maker in residence at Nerve Visual for the Future Artist Makers project.

The Astrolabe ‘An instrument with a past and a future’ (2017 - ), Delia Milan (ES)

The astrolabe is a very ancient astronomical computer for solving problems relating to time and the position of the Sun and stars in the sky.

While working in FabLabs, Delia Milan has become fascinated with obsolete technologies such as the Astrolabe and how to represent them in digital fabrication.

The four astrolabes give an accurate time position of the night sky and represent each location of the Future Artist Makers project and the artist’s home city of Cuenca.